Month: April 2017

From Teen to Young Adult: How Self-Certainty and Prosociality work together

Sometimes it is hard to imagine how a teenager becomes an adult. While the stereotypical view of the adolescent is that they are maybe a little asocial and confused, we usually think that being an adult means that you are a well-adjusted human being. So what changes when we leave our teens behind us, and […]

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Narcissism and Romance

Narcissism is a hot topic, what with Trump being president and millennials being called “Generation Me”. The main problem people seem to have with the alledged narcissims of millennials is that it is bad in the workplace, based on the amount of books that have a title along the lines of “How to manage my […]

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The Circumplex of Personality Meta-traits

Do you think that we can summarize your personality in a few simple traits? Young Adult books these days seem to think so (I am talking about you, ”Harry Potter” and “Divergent”), but in the real world it is of course a little more complicated and nuanced than color coding people based on their most […]

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