Hi and welcome to Character Studies, a blog where I am going to explore individual differences through science. As many of us know, we as human beings are complex. If you would ask me to describe what makes up an individual, I would have to say that I think we are a big mess of personality, biology, cultural norms, identity, habits and more.

Even though science is neat, I would like to invite you to always think critically. If you want and can, read the real articles and form your own opinion. References will be provided, and if possible a direct link! I can be wrong, a researcher can be biased, and as my history teacher in high school always used to say: “One source is NO source!”

Join the professors teaching in the Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment and me in an endeavor to disentangle this mess that makes us!


To put a face behind the "me" on this site. Hello! I am Renée Zonneveld, and I am a Dutch student at Tilburg University doing the Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment. To tell you something about myself, the times that are not filled with studying are spent listening to podcasts, and trying hard to do art.

As for the blog, I find it important that more people know about the goings on in the world of science. I think this is especially true for psychology, as it can help to understand both yourself and others better.  As a student I hope I can give you a glimpse into this world by looking into the science of individual differences and how they can affect real life outcomes, while still being hip with the kids.