Hello and welcome to the Character Studies blog! It is no secret that we, human beings, are complex to understand. Even though we can be very similar in some ways, there will always be many more ways in which we can actually differ from one another. On this blog, we try to explore as many of those individual differences as possible - and all through social science!

Because there are so many ways in which individuals can differ from each other, you will find a large range of topics on this blog. You can read posts on differences in personality for example, differences in development throughout the teenage years, or even topics on differences in taste of music and how music affects the individual. Furthermore, we aim to discuss hot topics in society and/or academics such as the influence of social media on the individual.

Of course, there can be no such thing as "good science" without criticism and challenges to face, we would like to invite you to always think critically. Read the posts on this blog, go back to the articles on which they are based if you are interested, and form your own opinion. Feel free to leave comments on the posts, ask questions or start a discussion! By doing that, we can all learn from one another. 

If this appeals to you, please join the authors of the blog and the professors of the Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment in an endeavor to disentangle individual differences and assessment in psychology!


In 2017, Renée Zonneveld established the Character Studies blog. She graduated from the Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment in the summer of 2018. From November 2018 onwards, Anouk Vroegindeweij took over writing the blog until she graduated as well in August 2019. Following Anouk's graduation, German Kurapov is the current author of the Character Studies blog.

German Kurapov:

Hello!  I am German Kurapov and the current author of the Character Studies blog. Originally from Russia, I have lived in the Netherlands for the major part of my life. Previously, I have studied cognitive neurosciences, which has formed the basis of my interest in understanding variations in cognitions of the mind through variations in the body. Being mostly interested in social dynamics, subsequent to my bachelor I have been mostly involved with social psychological topics. Rationality captures variations in human behavior in logically structured ways, yet it is our emotional realities which truly shape an individual's reality. Understanding the dynamics of an individuals' emotions and the interaction between an individual and the social environment is what I find interesting.

Through my blog posts, I hope to show both the value and importance of taking into account individual differences towards the understanding of the world view of both yourself as well as in interaction with others and how they see and experience their world.


Anouk Vroegindeweij:

Hi! My name is Anouk Vroegindeweij, a Dutch Research Master student in Individual Differences and Assessment at Tilburg University. Currently I am in the second year of the Research Master and mainly interested in the influence of sleep on daily functioning. How come some people can sleep for 6 hours and feel perfectly fine, while others need at least 9 hours of sleep? Can we explain why sometimes you feel great after a short amount of sleep, and at other times not - even though it was the same amount of sleep? And is it true that you experience more negative feelings when you are tired, and if so, what can we do to change that?

But even though I could talk and write for hours about this subject, you will find other topics on the blog as well of course. I write about the random questions that pop up in my mind or that the people around me ask themselves, I elaborate on the topics we discuss in the courses of the Research Master, and I try to keep up with the hot topics in society and academics. This creates a nice mix that shows how large and exciting the field of individual differences really is!

Renée Zonneveld:

To put a face behind the "me" on this site. Hello! I am Renée Zonneveld, and I am a Dutch student at Tilburg University doing the Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment. To tell you something about myself, the times that are not filled with studying are spent listening to podcasts, and trying hard to do art.

As for the blog, I find it important that more people know about the goings on in the world of science. I think this is especially true for psychology, as it can help to understand both yourself and others better.  As a student I hope I can give you a glimpse into this world by looking into the science of individual differences and how they can affect real life outcomes, while still being hip with the kids.