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Individual Differences perspective on Retirement

15.11.2019 – You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Except for your career, with most countries worldwide having a fixed retirement age. Could a more individualized approach to retirement offer solutions for the future?

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Why women are spending too much money

24.05.2019 – Nothing makes women bond more than talking about their menstrual cycles and shopping, but the two might be even more connected than you think!

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Be happy. Become a tourist!

12.05.2019 – Research suggests that travelling is not just great for your Instagram feed, but also for your satisfaction with life. In this post, we discuss a recent study in which tourism has been examined as a “pathway to the good life”. Could travelling be the secret to happiness?

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Individual differences that lead to smartphone addiction

26.04.2019 – Smartphones have brought us many things. But like everything else in life, they come at a price. Over the years, many individuals have become addicted to their smartphones. In this post, we discuss different pathways that can lead to smartphone addiction and implications for mental health.

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Self-Regulation: “I don’t want to do it… But I have to”

12.04.2019 – Sometimes you have to do things that you would rather not do, in order to reach your long-term goals (e.g. studying, working or exercising). This requires self-regulation. But why are some individuals good at regulating themselves, while others are not?

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The Circumplex of Personality Meta-traits

Do you think that we can summarize your personality in a few simple traits? Young Adult books these days seem to think so (I am talking about you, ”Harry Potter” and “Divergent”), but in the real world it is of course a little more complicated and nuanced than color coding people based on their most […]

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