Category: Victimology

Assessment of Individual Differences by the Police – Should ethnicity weigh in?

23.6.2020 – When patrolling the streets, police has to make split-second decisions regarding suspicious behavior; assessment of individual differences, therefore, being important. Demonstrations protesting police behavior claim that too often such decisions are made based on ethnicity alone, otherwise known as ethnic or racial profiling. In the Netherlands, a study was done asking police officers to which extent such assessment of ethnicity guides their behavior, discussing the effectivity – or lack thereof – of ethnic profiling.

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The Causal Chains of Partner Violence

15.5.2020 – No specific personality trait makes someone a violent person, just like no stand-alone event can guarantee someone will respond in a violent manner. Partner violence is an intricate interplay between both differences in individual factors, as well as in situations experienced. Nevertheless, by studying specific instances through methods such as event sampling, underlying patterns can be uncovered. Learning from such individual cases, can, subsequently, help us provide individuals at risk with the tools necessary to recognize, and hopefully prevent, future potentially violent situations from escalating.

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