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Meet Arian Sarwary!

Why did you decide to do the IDA Master?

I realised throughout my bachelor studies that the most essential skill I want to develop is the ability to set up, execute, and analyse social science research. It’s hard to describe but science excites something in me.

What has been your favourite course and why?

The “Dynamics of individual differences” course, mostly because it made me realise how many different factors interplay in the development of an individual and taught me how we can attempt to study them.

Do you experience stress in your studies/pressure? How do you deal with it?

Yes, I try to not procrastinate on tasks and deal directly with that which is causing the stress. Taking some time off by doing what I enjoy and being with friends and family also helps.

How can your knowledge from the IDA master be useful for the real world?

Knowledge and skills within social science research and data analysis are going to be valuable as we become more attached and dependent on technology.

What is the most fascinating you have learned?

That even statistical testing is very subjective and prone to bias.

What motivates you to keep studying?

My goal to contribute to society in a meaningful way through science.

How are you experiencing the relationship to your teachers?

Professionally intimate, for lack of a better word ­čśŤ

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