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Are people with beards more likely to be sexist?

Are people with beards more likely to be sexist? The short answer is no, probably not. So to follow up on that question, if that’s not it, what kind of people are? To start answering this question we need to define what sexism is. Sexism in general is the view that gender-inequality is justified, as […]

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Playing fair: Good Manners or Compassion

Have you heard of the dictator game? If you haven’t, you play it like this: There are two players, player one has 10 euros (or dollars) and the second player has nothing. Player one has to make an offer on how to divide the money, and they can do anything from keeping all the money […]

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Music listening and controling your emotions

It is time for another post about music listening. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a paper that looked at how we regulate our emotions by listening to ironically enjoyed music. Just recently, I made a playlist especially for songs I listened to a lot when I was younger. I can laugh […]

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