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Too sensitive to talk about or too funny not to mention

14.1.2020 – The monologue at the 2020 Golden Globes by Ricky Gervais lead to a lot of on-line response. While humorously complaining of many topics of societal wrongdoing, by some his critique was perceived as going too far rather than being funny. Whereas some feel that you just can’t say anything anymore, humour could be of particular value opening conversation on those sensitive topics. Especially when a joke addresses an issue too personally close for some, it could contribute towards a solution of the underlying problem.

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Individual Differences, not a laughing matter… or is it?

11.12.2019 – Laughter brings joy to our lives, whether it’s a good joke told by a friend, being tickled by your loved one, or encountering a funny scene. Yet what is it that makes something funny, and why can the suffering of the one be considering humourous to the other?

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