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Diagnostics in Cognitive Neuropsychology

In this course, students will learn to perform a complete neuropsychological assessment from a scientist-practitioner perspective. We will begin by discussing the referral, the clinical interview and the neurobehavioral observation. Students will learn how and which questions to ask to develop an anamnesis and to clarify the reason for the neuropsychological assessment. To learn how to formulate hypotheses about preserved and impaired functions, we will review last scientific criteria for differential diagnosis for several disorders (e.g.  Aphasia, Multiple Sclerosis). Afterwards, students will learn how to design a neuropsychological assessment plan. We will discuss tests sensitivity to neuropsychological disorders according to scientific evidence, and review instruments that assess attention, memory, language, processing speed, visuoperceptual and constructional skills, and executive functions. Finally, students will learn how to interpret and integrate the results of the neuropsychological assessment, formulate a conclusion and give advice for treatment.