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Elective Courses

Within the REMA IDA curriculum, students will  take 3 Elective courses consisting of a choice in: (a) IDA internal Electives [Advanced applications of individual differences (at work/ and health)], (b) IDA special clinical Electives [CNP diagnostics or treatment methods] and (c) IDA external Electives [any course of a ReMa program of in total 6 ECTS at Tilburg University or any other (Dutch) University]. The Elective course is placed in Block 1 and/or Block 2 of Year 2. This way, students have gained knowledge from the basic IDA courses and written a first paper. Students’ interests will have become more crystallized. Based on an awareness of current knowledge gaps and curiosity, students can make an informed judgment regarding the elective course.

Taking the IDA special clinical Electives courses deepens your clinical understanding for individual differences and is relevant in the process of qualifying for LOGO declaration, which is required to enroll in the Dutch postgraduate clinical education (GZ psychology). However, this last option is only relevant for students who fulfil the additional requirements for the LOGO declaration. In case you are interested in the opportunity to combine your Research Master studies with completing a Clinical Master, please contact your study advisor or the Academic Director of the programme and ask for additional information.