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Internal Traineeship 1

The general aim of the Internal Traineeship 1 is for students to acquire new knowledge and skills. The first traineeship can take one of two forms, based on an agreement between student and supervisor, with comparable learning outcomes and level of difficulty. Specifically, it can involve the acquisition of conceptual knowledge(i.e., conducting a literature review)or the acquisition of skills in a specific assessment method (i.e., becoming familiar with a specific assessment technique and the literature on this technique). Depending on this choice, there will also be slight differences in the type and content of the final product, as described below.

The ReMa-IDA contains four internal traineeships. The internal traineeships allow students to acquire hands-on experience with diverse aspects of research. Each traineeship has a different primary goal, covering knowledge and skills required throughout all phases of a research project in the following sequence: knowledge/skill acquisition(Traineeship 1); research design (Traineeship 2); data analysis and reporting(Traineeship 3); and peer-reviewing (Traineeship 4).