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International Traineeship- Selim’s experience

In my international traineeship I worked together with Dr. Damian on the topic of my thesis, “Perfectionism and the Self-relevance of the Goals: Their Associations with Daily Emotions, Success and Failure Feelings”. It is mainly concerned of how perfectionist people experience failure and success feelings as well as the self-evaluative emotions (e.g., shame, guilt and pride) in daily life context. Dr. Damian is an experienced researcher at the topic of perfectionism and works at the Department of Psychology, Babes-Bolyai University. Besides working with her, I also had the chance to meet with the members of the Self and Identify Development Lab and presented my current stage of the thesis to them.

The international traineeship was a great opportunity to gain multiple academic skills while also satisfying my personal interest and curiosity over the topics I am interested in. However, due to the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis (hence the travel limitations), I had to modify the traineeship proposal at the beginning stage. This led me to do most of the traineeship activities over video conferences – which eventually worked out well. All in all, I am very glad that I had the chance to have this traineeship but also happy that I have managed to create my own opportunity for this to happen.


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