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Marie’s international traineeship experience

Read about Marie Steinkampf's international traineeship in Australia!
Kings Park in Perth

Dear readers of the CharacterStudies blog,

Just after finishing my job as editor of the IDA website and passing on this task to first-year student Melania, I embarked on my journey to Australia where I am currently doing my international traineeship. If you would like to know a bit more about my experiences so far, please keep reading!

The first few weeks of my trip were filled with traveling along the East Coast of Australia together with a friend. We got to visit so many beautiful places, including Singapore where we spent two days on our way to Melbourne. After a couple of days in Melbourne and Sydney, we got to see the nature and wildlife in a rainforest near Cairns. Airlie Beach was our last stop before Brisbane, where I visited Dr. Caroline Knight at the University of Queensland and presented my first-year paper at a research seminar.

I was lucky to be able to already meet and connect with some researchers in Brisbane before the actual start of my traineeship in Perth! Finally, I arrived in Perth at the Future of Work Institute (FOWI), which is part of the Center for Transformative Work Design (CTWD) at Curtin University. The center was founded by Professor Sharon Parker who is a world-leading researcher on the topic of work design – maybe you have heard about the SMART model – and thus, I was really excited to meet her and the other researchers at the institute. I was welcomed so warmly by such amazing and friendly people that I immediately felt included and connected with the staff members and other visitors quickly. It has been really interesting so far to experience the day-to-day life in the office and be part of such an open-minded community of (applied) researchers!

Marie at the conference

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