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Meet Trang Ngô!

Why did you decide to do the IDA Master?

What particularly appeals to me about the program is that it focuses on individual differences, allowing each individual to become unique in their own right, as I believe that dissimilarity is a natural law and that people can flourish in their own special way.

Looking at the program schedule, which course excites you the most and why?

I’m interested in all of the courses, so choosing specific one is difficult. They are all valuable to me because they provide insight into different topics, helping us in developing more in-depth understanding of individual differences and research methodology.

Do you experience stress/pressure in your studies? How do you deal with it?

The courses are interesting while also being challenging to me. So, yes, there is stress, especially when it comes to deadlines and exams. However, our group size is quite small so we work together, sharing our ideas and encouraging one another to accomplish the goal. For myself, I frequently practice yoga to reduce stress.

How can your knowledge from the IDA Master be useful for the real world?

Since i care about children and their development, I hope to later use the knowledge and abilities I acquire from the IDA master’s program to assist kids who are having issues, motivate them to study, and encourage them flourish in their own way.

Why do you think it is important to study what you study?

I believe it is important to understand how individual differences affect people’s well-being. Focusing on the field of health, I want to know how individual factors determine the choice of treatment.

What is the most fascinating thing you have learned?

Programming and application of different physiological measurement techniques such as electroencephalogram, skin conductance, and electromyography.

What motivates you to keep studying?

In two years, I hope to acquire as much knowledge and skills as possible in order to become a clinical practitioner and researcher in the future.

How are you experiencing the relationship with your teachers?

The teachers are very supportive, always willing to answer our questions and open to our new ideas.

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