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Meet Daphne Tabak!

Why did you decide to do the IDA Master?

My main reason for studying this master was the freedom you get to broaden your horizons on interesting topics. There are a lot of cool learning opportunities, which I am very excited for! I also want to pursue a PhD after my master and I believe that this research master will cause me to be well-equipped for this!

Looking at the program schedule, which course excites you the most and why?

I am very excited about the course we are currently following, called Biological Correlates of Individual Differences, as I enjoy the biological and physiological approach to psychology a lot.

Do you experience stress/pressure in your studies? How do you deal with it?

Obviously I experience stress during the studies, especially during the first few weeks. It helps to see that more people do, because it serves as a reminder that we are not alone in this. Talking to fellow students, my family and friends helps me to deal with this.

How can your knowledge from the IDA Master be useful for the real world?

How can’t it be useful:). Critical thinking and a healthy amount of scepticism are always useful in the real world. But specifically in a pursuit of a PhD, the knowledge and skills that are offered in this master are very useful.

Why do you think it is important to study what you study?

Until we are able to understand everything and help everyone with their psychological problems, this study will remain important and relevant. Eventually, we need to know more today than we did yesterday and I believe that this study brings me a step closer to contributing to this.

What is the most fascinating thing you have learned?

After four weeks of studying, I mostly enjoyed the physiological differences between extroverts and introverts.

What motivates you to keep studying?

Even though the master is hard work, it is very rewarding to see how much new and interesting information you learn on a daily basis.

How are you experiencing the relationship with your teachers?

It is different in comparison to the bachelor, where we sat in big lecture halls and the personal contact with the teachers was minimal. This is a positive difference, because this personal contact really enables you to ask more questions and learn more from them. The teachers are all very helpful and excited while teaching, so overall the experience has been very good.

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