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PRE-PAREnt: Preventing gestational diabetes pre-pregnancy: physical activity, diet and artificial intelligence

In the IDA elective course "Advanced Applications: Individual Differences, Personality, and Health", students write a grant proposal on a topic to improve health in individuals with chronic diseases by promoting lifestyle change. Congratulations to Zhanna Sarukhanyan for winning (one of) the best grant proposal award. 

Proposal Summary

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a serious health concern with consequences leading to type 2 diabetes for mothers and offspring. Diet, physical activity and weight loss intervention are unsuccessful due to short intervention periods. PRE-PAREnt uses AI-supported app to deliver individualized weight loss and maintenance interventions to reduce GDM incidence.

The prevalence of diabetes has been rising with, now, about 5% of population being diagnosed with T2DM8. In light of the current diabetes epidemic, and with the rising expenses in diabetes care (€2498 million in 2018 in the Netherlands)9, there is an increasing need to find solutions to prevent diabetes. Looking into GDM might be a window of opportunity in breaking the intergenerational diabetes link.

Preventing gestational diabetes pre-pregnancy: physical activity, diet and artificial intelligence (PRE-PAREnt) is an intervention comprising of artificial intelligence (AI) – assisted changes in physical activity and diet, to reduce weight and prevent GDM and its adverse consequences. Therefore, our study seeks to find an answer to the following question:

Will an individualized and AI assisted pre-pregnancy intervention significantly reduce GDM incidence in women planning a pregnancy, compared to women who receive standard care?

By recognizing the importance of early implementation of prevention strategies, and celebrating the unique personal factors that play a role in successful prevention, PRE-PAREnt aspires to lay foundation for innovative, cost-effective yet individually tailored ante- and post-natal care, helping mothers to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, and prevent complications for their infants and themselves.

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