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Get to know Linnéa Järvinen!

When did you do the IDA master?


How was the IDA Master helpful for what you are doing right now?

It has been helpful for me in PhD applications. It has assisted me in developing several skills, such as research and interpersonal skills, and data analytical abilities. These skills and abilities, in combination with traineeship experience and knowledge obtained through various courses, are valuable assets on my CV.

What was your favorite course? And why?

My favorite course was “Advanced Applications: Individual Differences and Work”. This is because its learning goals and objectives largely matched my interests in differential psychology, work and organizational psychology, and human resource management.

What was your favorite moment of the time as an IDA Student?

My cohort’s graduation on October 2, 2021. We were happy and proud of each other’s academic achievements, and reminisced over our experiences over the past two years.

What was your motivation to finish your studies ?

My motivation to finish my studies was that I wanted to continue pursuing my career goals.

Did you experience stress or pressure in your studies, and if yes how did you deal with it?

I did experience stress in my studies, which was largely due to the pandemic. I dealt with this by contacting the education coordinator, who was very helpful.

What can you advise current or future IDA students?

It is important to enjoy the process of doing the IDA program, in addition to being motivated to finish it. This could be done through, for instance, mindfulness and regularly sharing your experiences and supporting each other.

How was your overall experience in the master?

My overall experience was great. I am proud to be an IDA graduate and consider the accompanying degree my greatest achievement.

What did you do in your international traineeship and how did you like it?

I conducted research abroad (online) under supervision and wrote a report about the theory and practice of narrative identity coding. I enjoyed the activities of my international traineeship, which included meetings with my supervisor, attending departmental conversation series, and a presentation in front of students and teachers.

Are you still in touch with other Alumni Students?

Yes, especially with students from my cohort.

How did you experience the relationship with your teachers?

I found the teachers inspirational. They were passionate about teaching their subjects, communicated the course learning goals and objectives clearly, and were supportive with regards to reaching them.

Did you know from the beginning what you want to do after your master? How did you find out what you would like to do?

Yes, I knew that I wanted to pursue either a PhD or a career in applied research. I based these career goals on my keen interest in the scientific writing process.

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