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Mindmap on “Interventions”

In the IDA course "Dynamics of Individual Differences", students acquire in-depth knowledge on how and why personality traits and cognitive abilities change across the lifespan and how they interact with each other at different stages in life. Students also learn different concepts of change and stability, and how to interpret empirical findings on change. In addition, students become acquainted with the relevance of personality traits and cognitive abilities for various relevant outcomes at different stages in life (e.g., health, job success) and how interventions can improve these outcomes by targeting the psychological constructs. Finally, students become more knowledgeable about the relevance of (changing) personality traits and cognitive abilities for work outcomes.

This assignment consisted of creating an overview of lifespan development of personality and cognitive abilities in form of a mindmap! Students could get creative and review as well as solidify knowledge from the course by finding (missing) links between the different mechanisms and concepts. Viola and Ayesha created this great mindmap on “Interventions”, well done! Check it out below and compare it with other mind maps to see different approaches toward various topics.

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