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Master Thesis

The Master thesis course consists of doing a scientific study in the area of individual differences and assessment and reporting it. During the process of this course, students follow the scientific research cycle: first a research proposal is written, second data is analyzed, third results are presented, and fourth the master thesis is written. During the process, students complete a portfolio that documents several more practical requirements that accompany doing research at TSB and that research master students need to familiarize themselves with.

The Master thesis is the culmination of the ReMa-IDA program, where students can actually make use of theoretical, statistical, methodological and research-related skills and knowledge, which they have acquired in earlier stages across the program. The practical side of the Master thesis (building a portfolio that is related to the study underlying the MA thesis) is highly linked to what students learn in the Ethics and Data Management course. The course also builds on students’ earlier experiences with the courses “First year paper” and “Research seminar” as well as earlier experiences gained during their internships.