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Get to know QING Ye!

When did you do the IDA master?


How was the IDA Master helpful for what you are doing right now?

I think it makes me think critically about any idea. I have more autonomy in making choice about what I hope to do.

What was your favorite course? And why?

Multivariate analysis because I appreciate not only the statistical knowledge, but the attitudes of conducting research. Don’t play with the number, yet with a rigorous attitude.

What was your favorite moment of the time as an IDA Student?

IDA monthly meeting! Because Yvonne is highly devoted to solve our issues and shows her constant concern for us!

What was your motivation to finish your studies ?

A strong desire for learning.

Did you experience stress or pressure in your studies, and if yes how did you deal with it?

Yes definitely! I will encourage myself, and if I don’t think I could solve, I will seek help from those who I think could help me such as Yvonne.

What can you advise current or future IDA students?

Enjoy learning and do relax!

How was your overall experience in the master?

I like it and do appreciate!

What did you do in your international traineeship and how did you like it?

I participated in an international conference. I like it because I could talk with people from both academic and practicing fields.

Are you still in touch with other Alumni Students?


How did you experience the relationship with your teachers?

Half half. I really like some of them, such as Yvonne, Dorien, Marc, Marcel. Yet I indeed felt pity for a few of them.

Did you know from the beginning what you want to do after your master? How did you find out what you would like to do?

Yes. Well, it was a long self-awareness process before I was admitted to IDA.

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