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Dmitry’s Traineeship Experience

The topic of my traineeship was investigating a new research method – GWAS – Genome-wide association studies.

Our multidisciplinary program is wonderful because it provides us with the opportunities to try out some new areas of scientific interest. As a more organizational psychology specialist, initially, I would not imagine that genetic psychology will attract my attention as well.

Firstly, I heard about GWAS in our lectures on Biological and Physiological correlations of individual differences. From that moment, I understood that I want to know more about behavioural genetics. The traineeship was a great option to do this as my supervisor Nina Kupper supported me in choosing the topic and putting a lot of effort into making this traineeship an exciting journey. My experience of this traineeship was like travelling to wild unknown places – I have understood that behavioural genetics is a whole universe, and GWAS is one of the galaxies. That was definitely the right choice. The real joy of the traineeship was that mentoring experience when I had a face-to-face interaction with the experts who share their expertise with me. I am really grateful to Nina Kupper, who supervised my literature review, and Ruifang Li, who has introduced to me the world of practice of GWAS with a lot of enthusiasm.

I will mention three main results of this traineeship:

First, I have drastically increased my knowledge in GWAS and can even perform the GWAS independently. The traineeship propelled my personal development too. There was a practice of meeting deadlines, self-organization, proactivity, and prioritizing. My main result of this traineeship that I understood I am really fascinated by the area of behavioural genetics and this is the field where I see myself in the future.


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