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Get to know Jonas Everaert!

What is your role/position in the IDA program?

I have been supervising First Year Papers, Master Thesis, and Traineeships.

How long have you been teaching?

Since 2010.

What do you like about teaching?

One of the rewarding aspects of teaching is to support students’ curiosity and help them along their career paths. My goal as a teacher is to encourage students to become enthusiastic, creative, and autonomous mental health professionals/researchers who actively and positively contribute to society.

What is the reason you became a researcher?

My innate interest in the human mind and mission to create a better understanding of psychopathology and develop more effective interventions to improve mental health.

What is the most fascinating about human beings to you?

I am particularly fascinated by how people differ in their interpretations of social situations in their everyday life and what happens when interpreting ambiguity goes awry.

Are there times where you doubt researching or university?

I have never doubted research as a means to advance scientific knowledge. However, I believe that researchers should always critically evaluate current scientific practices and its institutions to become the best scientists they can be.

What makes IDA students unique?

Their high level of autonomy combined with an eagerness to acquire new knowledge and skills. I truly enjoy working with IDA students.

If you could change something in the university setting what would you change?

Creating a center that bridges the gap between the local Tilburg community and research to improve scientific practices and generate potent scientific insights to better mental health.

What advice would you give future IDA students?

My advice would be to read as many (scientific papers) as you can (and read broadly), go abroad for research stays, and seek exposure to theories and methods from different disciplines in psychological science.

What is a collaborative project that you liked and worked with an IDA student on?

I enjoyed working on developing a new method to measure revision of beliefs in daily life.

How are you experiencing the teacher-student relationship in the IDA program?

The one-on-one training sessions are truly unique and create the ideal conditions for an intensive learning experience. This also facilitates a personal connection between the student and teacher, which makes it easier to identify the students’ next learning goal.

If you are not teaching or doing research, what else do you like doing in your personal time?

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking, techno/deep house music, and indoor cycling.

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