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Get to know Katrijn Van Deun!

What is your role/position in the IDA program?


How long have you been teaching?

20 years.

What do you like about teaching?

Interaction with the students.

What is the reason you became a researcher?

I love problem solving.

What is the most fascinating about human beings to you?

Their resilience and inclination to protect those who need protection.

Are there times where you doubt researching or university?


What makes IDA students unique?

Their attention to the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all.

If you could change something in the university setting what would you change?

The impersonal approach to large groups of (bachelor) students.

What advice would you give future IDA students?

Enjoy your student life!

How are you experiencing the teacher-student relationship in the IDA program?

Very personal and close.

If you are not teaching or doing research, what else do you like doing in your personal time?

Having fun with my kids, cooking, dancing, and playing board games.

Is there anything we missed and you would like to share? This can also be something personal e.g. a motto.

Hakuna matata.

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